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Can we reprogram our world?

The other day, a thought poppped into my head: what if we could use the current global crisis to take a time to re-think, re-structure and re-program our world?

If the world was an organically grown software, what would the specification book look like? How could we reprogram it to meet current needs without depending on long overhauled structures and dependencies?
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Tagebuch eines Leidenden

Habe gestern mit dem Sitzen auf einem ergonomischen Sitzhocker angefangen.
Musste nach dem halben Tag erst einmal meine Tennisballtherapie machen, damit die Schmerzen im unteren Kreuz nachließen.
Heute schmerzen mir die Schienbeine, sie sind es nicht gewohnt, das auf ihnen Druck lastet, die armen.

Der Rücken ist heute etwas besser.
Merke, dass ich mehr Sauerstoff einatme als ich das sonst tat.
Mein Bauch hängt raus und lässt mich Abnehmpläne schmieden.

Soweit, so enttäuschend.

My December: Thailand!

Yay,  I finally finished my video on my trip to Thailand with my sister!
It was quite an experience. I had not done a backpacker trip like that before and it was to serve me as one of those trips where you step out of your comfort zone.

As I don't want to bore you with many details, I will show you the video instead:

Funny how in the end, I am left with only the good memories.

Right after the trip, I dreaded the moment when people would ask me: "So? How was it???" Because honestly, it was not as cool as I had imagined from what people had told me. It was colorful and people were friendly, that part is true. But the backpacking? Well, I'm not a backpacker. I know that now. I don't like to pack and unpack my things every other day. My mood shifts drastically with every hour of transport I have to undergo in order to reach the next place.

Travelling with my sister was a new experience. Although we had lived together in a shared flat as adults in the past and talk qu…